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What I Am Writer Who Codes
Motto Impossible just takes a little longer

About Me

As a writer who codes, I have experience in end-to-end content production. From ideation and writing to editing and web publishing, I've delivered projects at both small creative agencies and large tech companies like Meta.

I love creating content that serves a purpose. Be it writing marketing copy for a website, ghostwriting blogs for a company's executives, improving the UX of digital interfaces, crafting social media posts to promote a product, or typing out code for a cutting-edge app, I'm all about helping clients reach their goals.

Need help finding the right words? No worries. I got you covered.

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Collaborated with clients, stakeholders, researchers, and developers to create copy that drives conversions, piques target audience interest, and abides by existing style guides.

Meta fastMRI | Interviewed Meta AI researchers to write scientifically accurate fastMRI copy showcasing the positive impact of using AI in the medical field. With fastMRI, scans are done four times faster, increasing patient care.

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NETGEAR Insight | In partnership with UX designers, overhauled and combined five NETGEAR web pages into one easy-to-use page so customers can find everything they need in a single location to make informed purchases.

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Meta Mephisto RFP | Working with Meta’s legal team, created a Request for Proposal for Mephisto, a dataset collection tool created by Meta AI. The copy attracted 25% more proposals from university faculty than expected.

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Combined marketing and tech to create blogs ranging from data science and virtual reality to brand strategy and UX design. My Process: brainstorm topic, research, outline, write, edit, acquire images, edit again, publish.

Colorful Advertising vs. Black and White | Colors communicate with us in a way that words can’t. Strategically selecting the best colors for a marketing campaign can increase sales and brand awareness.

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Amazon Rekognition: Recognizing Love | Online dating is changing not only who we match with, but how we match. Image recognition algorithms can help people find love while preventing fraud and catfishing.

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CSS: One Goal, Many Paths | There are multiple coding paths to achieving the same HTML and CSS goal. Here are three techniques broken down step-by-step to write code that’s both simple and reusable.

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Through the magic of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, lines of code can turn into a game people play to de-stress after a hard day of work, or a simple resume app people can use to find new work.

Steven Matchiverse | A Steven Universe themed card matching concentration game with stats column, a randomizer, prize, and reset button. Built with HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript



The Decision-Maker | An app to help you with hard choices. Just answer the questions to find out what decision to make! Built with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, and JavaScript



Buzzwords | A Resume Helper app to show you the most important words in a job ad so you can add them to your resume. Built with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, and JavaScript



More samples available upon request.

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